Picking The Right Moving Company in the DMV

I’m talking about people or companies offering services, making claims, and saying all kinds of things they either made up or simply can’t back up.

Take for example, hundreds of moving companies across the DMV who all claim that they are the BEST moving company or the TOP RATE moving company without anything credible to back that up. Some of them even put together ultimate guides to picking the right moving company and all they do is leave their contact details without giving any helpful or unique tips.

The “Fake It As Long As You Make It” mentality sucks, and does a disservice to everyone in genuine need of a service or information.

By now, you’re probably wondering why I named this blog “Picking A Right Moving Company in DMV” when all I’ve done so far is rant.

To be honest, I did this to prove a point.

I could have just started the same way a hundred other posts have begun, sounding bland, listing the same top 10 points that look identical and which were probably copied each other and never really checked or thought out all that much.

I could have, but I didn’t – because, honestly, faking it is the ONE thing we suck at here at Name Your Price Movers.

As far as moving companies go, we pride ourselves on being real – and that means letting you work with real people, who provide a real service, and who do a real good job.

Now, even about me, how about we ge into some actual tips for picking the right mover in the DMV area?

FIRST – Know your budget.

Get this number figured out upfront and not after you start making calls. Be sure to include a bit of leeway in case things go longer than expected and in case you feel inclined to tip.

Also, ask yourself how involved you want to be in the moving process. For instance, will you be handling all the packing before the movers show up or will you need a hand with that? Things like this can make a difference in the cost of your move.

SECOND – Start planning. Like right now.

Put together a list of your furniture and all the big objects that need to be moved. Check how parking looks on your street and the one where you’re moving. What aout flights of stairs or elevator access?

Get a rough estimate of what needs to be done BEFORE you call your mover (if they’re professional, they’ll want to ask you these things anyways).

The more planning you do and the more loose ends you tie up before the move ultimately means that your budget can be a little smaller than it would have been otherwise.

THIRD – Do your research. Don’t just sign with the first company you call. Make a list and narrow it down to your top five – no more than that.

Once you got your list, ask your movers these questions:

How many movers will they send?
How big is their truck? If you’re not sure about truck sizes beforehand, it’s okay to look them up.
Do they charge for travel time and if so, how much?
When do they start clocking their hours? The moment they leave for your house or the moment they arrive on site?
Ask if their employees are uniformed. Now, this might sound minor for you, but moving companies (no matter how small) that uniform their employees often are the ones that want their team to work as a team and be efficient and accountable. After all, they’re wearing their brand on their sleeve!
What is the average time to finish a job like yours? Don’t let them sweet talk you into a minimum. Go for the maximum – find out the worse case scenario before it happens!

FOURTH – Trust your gut.

We’ve all got a sixth sense that tells us about the people me meet and the companies we call up. If someone on the other line sounds like the salesperson from a fishy infomercial, it’s probably a good time to call someone else.

FIFTH – Negotiate, but be realistic.

Don’t agree to a price that makes you feel uncomfortable. There’s no shame in having a low budget, but know that not every moving company can meet your needs if you’ve got a full truck of stuff, a hundred flight of stairs and only a $20 to pay the bills.

BONUS – At the end of the day, when there’s no one else to call, there’s always your friends and family. Call in those favors, peer pressure your friends, bribe them with pizza, and do whatever you need.

Of course, if you’ve only got a handful of boxes that can fit in the back of a car, you can probably even go it alone without any worries.