I wonder, why so many of us average?

Yesterday, me and my family decided to go to the cat cafe at Georgetown. Trust me, I did not choose the venue my wife and daughter did. Anyhow, the weather was around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a sunny day and people are smiling. While walking I could not help myself to think about how this day is perfect for moving. (Side note, if you want your movers to perform at an optimal level, try to book the move when the weather is around 50 degrees).

After the cat cafe, we decided to grab lunch and my eyes caught an Irish Pub. We ordered food and could not wait to dive into our meals. The waiter comes back and informs us that they out of kids’ macaroni cheese. That was fine we settled on grilled cheese, but I could not help to think that Irish restaurant is out of heavy cream, basic noodles, and cheese. Then waiter comes back and says they out of pickles for the side, fingers crossed I settled on French Fries. This process continued tow more times, by the time our food arrived I was ready for “five dollar footlong”.

After our “fabulous” lunch I was driving and thinking how many small enterprises look at the big picture while disregarding the daily details. If the waiter was informed ahead of times regarding missing all the ingredients on the menu, the experience would have been so much different. We religiously drum the beats regarding perfecting our daily moving tasks. We believe to be professional in the moving industry there is no magic formula. The key ingredients are discipline, honesty, and hard work. Those qualities will never get old and always in the trend.