Our Policy Update regarding COVID -19

This is our daily commitment to our employees and valued customers amid COVID-19 Pandemic. 

# Practice Excellent Hygiene according to CDC guidelines

 ▪ Stop handshaking – use other noncontact methods of greeting 

▪ Clean hands at the door and schedule regular hand washing reminders by email 

▪ Create habits and reminders to avoid touching their faces and cover coughs and sneezes 

▪ Disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables, desks, and handrails regularly 

▪ Increase ventilation by opening windows or adjusting the air conditioning 

# Online contract handling and processing the payment 

  • Keeping 5 feet away from the clients while at the worksite 
  • Giving options to our customers leave the worksite and get back once the move is complete 
  • All the payments have options to be processed through online or phone in order to avoid close contact. 

# The Worksite and moving process 

  • All our employees use protective gloves and face masks
  • We disinfect door handles and staircase rails before starting any job. 
  • All the trucks cleaned and disinfected twice daily 

# Team management and customers follow up 

  • All employees divided into groups and do not interact with each other
  • Vetting all our future clients and asking them to inform us if they feel sick. And if the client feels ill we offer to reschedule the move for free of charge. 
  • Clocking in and clocking out is being performed remotely 
  • All dispatch functions are switched to online communication 

And lastly, we stress our transparency to our employees and open lines of communications regarding their comfort level for the job.