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Moving Company

Some moving companies take away your garbage that same day, or if its busy can be scheduled to come back and collect your disposables a few days after you’ve moved in. To avoid any inconvenience, check with them before the date of your move just to be certain.

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Hiring Someone

Not every moving company collects and disposes of garbage after the move. In case you need to hire someone else, consider one of the following:

  • Craigslist is a good place to look for trash disposal and recycling, especially for large or specialized items. Select your city, look into the Labour/Move listings of the Service section, or post your own ad there.
  • Junk collection also exist in most major cities. They come right to your address and collect your disposables. These companies sometimes charge a small fee for coming to collect your trash and recycling, so double-check if they have rates before hiring them.

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Apartment / Condo Regulations

If you’re planning on taking care of the trash and recycling the old fashion way (by dragging it down to the curb) make sure you check your city by-laws along with any apartment or condo regulations for garbage disposal.

  • Most city boroughs have designated garbage days, and you can face a fine if you take yours to the street on the wrong day. Double check to see if some items (such as furniture or electronics) are only collected on certain days each month, or if they need to be brought to a local depot.
  • Condos and apartments usually have collective garbage and recycling bins in the basement, or out behind the building. Double-check your lease or rental agreement just to make sure there aren’t any other conditions you should be aware of before disposing of your trash.
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And there you have it - you’ve just walked through all the steps from start to finish. You’re well on your way to becoming a stress-free moving pro

Remember that no two moves are the same. Moving can be easy and painless, or hectic and panic-inducing. It all depends on how organized you’re willing to be. Getting started early is always key, and making sure you have enough help along the way. After all, this list is meant to cover the majority of the bases. Be sure to review your situation (house, belongings, logistics, and so forth) to make sure nothing’s getting left behind or falling through the cracks.