Here's our daily commitment to our employees and valued customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

Name Your Price Movers

Our response to the Coronavirus

Our team follows exact CDC excellent hygiene guidelines in the office or in the field.

  • Handshaking is not allowed. We use other non contact methods of greeting eachother.
  • We schedule regular hand washing reminders by email and always make sure to have clean hands when arriving at work.
  • We employ habit creation programs and send constant reminders to help our team avoid touching their faces and to cover coughs and sneezes.
  • We regularly disinfect commonly used surfaces like doorknobs, tables, desks and handrails.
  • We ensure proper ventilation through opening windows, adjusting air conditioning.

Online contract handling and payment processing.

  • While at the worksite, we always keep at least 5 feet away from the clients.
  • We give options to our customers for leaving the worksite and returning once the move has been completed.
  • All payments can be processed online or through the phone, thus avoiding any form of close contact.

Specific measures in place for our worksites and moving process.

  • All our employees use protective gloves and face masks.
  • We make sure to disinfect commonly used surfaces like door handles, staircase rails and others, before starting any job.
  • All our transport vehicles are cleaned and disinfected twice, every day.

Customer follow-up and team management

  • All our employees are divided into groups and have no direct interaction with eachother.
  • We are vetting all future customers and making sure they inform us if they are not feeling well. If the client feels ill, our policy is to offer rescheduling free of charge.
  • Our team members perform their clocking in and out remotely and all dispatch functions have now been switched to online communication.

We are a fully transparent business, so we encourage all of our staff to keep open lines of communication regarding their comfort level on the job.