Our Policy Update regarding COVID -19

This is our daily commitment to our employees and valued customers amid COVID-19 Pandemic.  # Practice Excellent Hygiene according to CDC guidelines  ▪ Stop handshaking – use other noncontact methods of greeting  ▪ Clean hands at the door and schedule regular hand washing reminders by email  ▪ Create habits and reminders to avoid touching their … Continue reading "Our Policy Update regarding COVID -19"

Moving in High Rise Buildings

In this post, we will talk at some length about moving into high rise buildings. Their pros and cons and how to use them to have a smooth move in or move out. Even though the majority of residential buildings copy each other regarding operations and logistics. They do have their own unique traits. However, … Continue reading "Moving in High Rise Buildings"

I wonder, why so many of us average?

Yesterday, me and my family decided to go to the cat cafe at Georgetown. Trust me, I did not choose the venue my wife and daughter did. Anyhow, the weather was around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a sunny day and people are smiling. While walking I could not help myself to think about how … Continue reading "I wonder, why so many of us average?"

We’ve Just Been Named Best Movers in the Washington DC Area!

Well this is a nice surprise. We’ve just been named the “Best Movers in Washington DC” by Expertise. We were in the running with 144 other movers and were rated on 25 variables across six categories: Reputation, Credibility, Availability, Professionalism, and Experience. Honestly, this is actually kind of humbling. We knew we were good – … Continue reading "We’ve Just Been Named Best Movers in the Washington DC Area!"

Picking The Right Moving Company in the DMV

I’m talking about people or companies offering services, making claims, and saying all kinds of things they either made up or simply can’t back up. Take for example, hundreds of moving companies across the DMV who all claim that they are the BEST moving company or the TOP RATE moving company without anything credible to … Continue reading "Picking The Right Moving Company in the DMV"

How to Avoid Extra Charges During Your Move

Okay, so you’ve got your quote from the moving company. Moving day comes and goes and suddenly you get hit by a bill that’s larger than what was discussed. What gives? Not a lot of people realize that a quote is also quite often an estimate. The number you see is assuming everything goes according … Continue reading "How to Avoid Extra Charges During Your Move"